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Free Roof


Schedule a free roof inspection to assess your roof and receive a complementary proposal. 

If your older home needs a roof inspection, we'll take care of it for you.

Some homes here in Colorado Springs date back to the late 1800's. When assessing an older roof, we're careful to take into consideration the original exteriors and frames.

Don't let just anyone climb your home. Wyndhill has done work for hundreds of older homes and knows exactly what to look for when conducting an inspection. After we're done, we'll give you a complete run down of all issues that should be addressed, and even provide you with a no-obligation, free proposal.

How do we assess roofing damage?
Overview of our inspection process 

Unlike most roofing companies, Wyndhill's mission is to accurately and truthfully evaluate the exact condition of your roof and any damage or issues it has, resulting from either past or recent causes. This is refreshing to know, as most storm chasers will insist that you spend thousands of dollars replacing your entire roof, when it's possible all you needed were some minor repairs.

No matter what the damage is, our trained roofing technician will take the time to inspect the following areas for damage and issues:

Structural Damage:

Our inspector will be looking for issues related to roofing planes, flashing, gutter system, drip edge, chimney/cap, and attic vents. These are major factors that determine the next steps to take with your roof repairs, and are often missed by the fly-by-night storm chasers.

Material Damage:

Our inspector also address material damage to your shingles such as loose shingles, moss growth, damage caused from wildlife (squirrels, birds, rodents) storm related damage such as heavy rain fall, high winds and hail, as well as natural wear and tear.

Addressing workmanship issues:

Unfortunately some roofers have been known to take shortcuts or do sloppy work, allowing for later problems to arise for your roof. We also recommend using a contractor who warranties their workmanship, which is different than your shingle manufacturers warranty. Some roofers offer cheap pricing, but won't warranty their work.

Wyndhill warrantees our own work, and during the first inspection, we will look for any workmanship issues or flaws that may have occurred from past roofers. Some of the things we'll look for include correct shingling on your roof valleys, proper sealant around skylights, attic vents and chimneys.

What's next? Schedule a free Roof Inspection

Wyndhill roofing is here to help make the roof repair process as easy and smooth as possible. We recommend calling or emailing our Wyndhill office and requesting a free roof-inspection followed by a no-obligation proposal.

During the process, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be here to answer any questions or concerns that you have, and will go the extra mile to ensure your roofing needs are met with quality it deserves.

I was surprised how quickly and smooth the whole process went. Even when there were hiccups, Wyndhill moved swiftly to address them. Thank you for your all your work!

Bruce S. ~ Colorado Springs

I thought they would be booked out 2-4 months, but as soon as I submitted my deposit, they had our roof completely done in 2 weeks.

Very impressed with their work!

Steve W. ~ Colorado Springs

Their pricing wasn't that much more than the cheapest proposal I received. I went with Wyndhill because they warrantied their work and ultimately did outstanding work.

John P. ~ Colorado Springs

They answered all my questions and concerns, and didn't put any pressure on me to sign or purchase anything.
I'm very happy I went with Michael and his company.

Cynthia D. ~ Colorado Springs


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