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Cabins are sturdy structures that require a solid roof for protection.

We can help with that!

Roofing For Cabin Homes

Local contractors that provide repairs and replacements for the Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, Woodland Park, Limon, and the surrounding nearby areas


Whether you're new to Colorado, or this is your first time dealing with roof issues on your home, you can feel confident that Wyndhill Roofing will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Learn more about what a roof inspection is, how we assess damage, and what the overall process will look like when using Wyndhill for your roofing needs.

Roof Replacement

If your roof needs repaired, you can rest assured that our team of skilled and licensed installers will provide work in a timely manner and with unbeatable craftsmanship. Whether your roof needs just the shingles replaced or everything including the sheets (plywood panels that are fastened to your roof frame) we can take care of it for you. Learn more about what goes into replacing a roof, and whether it's the best option for your home or not.


Wyndhill Roofing offers free roofing inspections for all types of issues. Never assume that one issue must result in you spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof. If we can fix the issue with some small repair work, we will let you know and save more money. Our reputation as a company is far more valuable than trying take advantage of new customers. Learn how to schedule your free roof inspection and what the process involves at Wyndhill Roofing!

Roof Repairs

If it's decided that your roof needs some repairs completed, the cost will be significantly less than a full roof replacement. The need for repair work can often result from years of wear and tear, heavy storms, or sometime damage caused by wildlife.

Learn about the different repairs that Wyndhill offers, 

Roof Replacement

Whether you need gutter repair work a long with your roofing project, or you're having separate gutter issues due to heavy rains and harsh weather, Wyndhill Roofing can evaluate the condition and let you know whether we need to salvage and replace the entire gutter system, or whether there are only a few repairs that need to be made.

Learn more about the gutters installation process, and what your option are when it comes to repairs and new installations!

Hail & Weather

Hail damage, pouring rains, strong winds and heavy snow are all major factors for needing roofing repair work done.
Colorado Springs and the more mountain-based areas in Colorado are notorious for heavy snow and blizzards, while communities east on the plains can experience tornado-like wind gusts and hail. Either way, if your home has recently experienced any of these harsh weather conditions, here's everything you need to know about evaluating the process and checking for damage before you call Wyndhill Roofing....


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