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Scheduling a yearly inspection and cleaning helps maintain the quality of your home's roof, and is a wise investment for its future.

Being a homeowner means taking some time through the year to inspect all the important aspects of your home, from your HVAC system and landscape, to checking your roof for preventive issues. We recommend that all residential homeowners schedule two types of roofing inspections per year:

Winter Exterior & Interior


Items that we will evaluate during our inspection include:

Interior Assessment

Our technician will review all ceilings and attic inside home to evaluate in possible signs of leakage or issues.

Shingle Cleaning

Dirt, branches and even signs of wildlife nesting are things we look for that can be cleaned early on to avoid shingle damage to your roof. Cleaning off leaves that have piled up can also prevent shingles from rotting and your drain system from malfunctioning, and is something we take care of at no extra cost for each inspection. Roof cleaning is the NUMBER ONE preventive step to help reduce roofing issues.

Checking the Surface of Roof 

Weathering and damage can occur on shingles due to sloping spots on the roof where water can collect and sit long enough for it to cause issues. We also address any shingles that are cracked or missing, which are preventative issues we can address before they become larger.

Expansion Joints, if applicable

Your expansion joints play a crucial part in keeping water from seeping in between your roof and connecting wall (if your roof is structured that way). We will check for any cuts, gapping between the surfaces or tears that are starting to occur and quickly address them before they become a bigger issue.

Assess the flashing

Like your Expansion Joints, your roof metal flashing plays a critical part in making sure water doesn't seep in between the crack. Only your flashing surrounds important areas such as your skylights and chimney.

If we notice any signs of wear beginning to occur, we can quickly take care of them. 

Checking Drains

Signs of a clogged drain are backed up or standing water, mold and moss. If a drain is clogged, it will need immediate attention, as it will lead to serious issues in the near future.

Next Steps: Plan of Action

After assessing all critical areas of your exterior and interior roof, we will evaluate any extra repairs needed and let you know exactly what steps need to be taken to address any further issues.

When it comes to the unpredictable weather in Colorado, you deserve having peace of mind knowing that your roof is taken care of.

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