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Welcome to the Roofing and Gutter Journey!
Thank you for your interest in using Wyndhill Roofing!
Whether this is your first time or 100th time - coordinating a roof or gutter replacement is never fun. But working with people who truly care for you sure makes it easier.

Wyndhill Roofing is unique because we have the feel and pricing of a smaller company, but carry the resources and tools to take on larger, more complicated projects.
We're currently about 2-3 weeks out (weather permitting) and offer pretty quick turn-arounds compared to other bigger roofers.

Before requesting a free proposal, feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the roofing or gutter process. Our friendly office staff is here to make life easier for you and HAS YOU COVERED!

(719) 344-9724  |  info@wyndhillroofing.com

Roofing Work

Gutter Work

Skylight Work

Having leak problems? Selling your house, but your roof has minor issues? Have hail damage? Need a new roof? 
Wyndhill provides unmatched craftsmanship, quick turn-arounds, and competitive prices. We don't have sales people, instead, we have experienced technicians who are happy to provide free, flat-pricing quotes, with no hidden fees. Whether you need your roof replaced or some repairs done, Wyndhill can help.

Are your gutters damaged and causing leaking issues? Are the clogged with leaves and branches?
Don't let gutter issues lead to more serious problems like foundation damage or ruined landscaping. Our gutter crew is experienced, quick, and detailed, and whether you need a full gutter replacement, repair, or a simple cleaning, we can help.
Contact us for a free, no-hassle, flat amount quote. We offer competitive pricing solutions for your budget.

Were your skylights damaged recently? Does your home suffer from major leaks due to skylight issues?
We specialize in repairing damaged skylights and replacing new ones. All skylights are covered under warranty, so you have peace of mind knowing you're in good hands.

We also offer drywall repair and painting due to leak damage that may have occurred. 

(719) 344-9724  |  info@wyndhillroofing.com

Pricing at a glance

We're able to provide a basic outline of what kind of pricing to expect when using Wyndhill Roofing.
It's important to remember that all jobs are unique - a leak repair for an older home may cost different than leak repairs on a new home. If you're looking for a flat price, our Wyndhill Technician would be happy to provide you with an exact amount.



Estimate Pricing: Free


We don't have sales people conduct our inspections, and our roofing technicians are not paid commissions for booking proposals, so there's never any pressure to use our services. Just an honest assessment and flat price with no hidden or unexpected fees.



Estimate Pricing: $250-$500


A Roof Tune-Up is much more fine-tuned than a normal inspection, and is the ideal preventive measure to take on your roof . Our technician examines every inch of the roof for potential issues that could lead to damage. We also include a thorough shingle sweep to remove branches, nests, and other objects off your roof.



Estimate Pricing: $300-$2000


Roofing repairs for the most part don't require city permits and can include fixing major roof problems to installing a few damaged shingles.
The pricing depends on the scope of the work and how much our customer is desiring to have repaired.
They can typically be completed within one day.



Estimate Pricing: $5000-$12,000


Roof replacements are  a bigger process, require pulling a permit with the city, and can take two to three days, depending on how large the project is.
While roof size plays a major role in the price, the shingle type (Class 3 or Class 4) also play a part in how much the total amount will cost.



Estimated Price: $150-$250


Gutter cleaning is a very practical and affordable solution for both maintaining the life-span and quality of your gutter, as well as identifying potential issues and fixing them before it costs more in the future. Whether you have open or inclosed gutter systems, Wyndhill will remove built-up leaves and branches. 


Estimated Price: $500-$1000


Some gutter issues are a result of individual problems on the gutter system, including broken downspouts, flashing and boxes. If that's the case, we can repair key pieces instead of replacing the entire gutters.


Estimated Price: $1000-$2500

Whether you're building a new home or are simply in desperate need of a full gutter system replacement, we consult you on which gutter systems may be a good options, and install a good quality gutter system that will stand against  the weather. 

(719) 344-9724  |  info@wyndhillroofing.com

We work with your insurance company

One of the most stressful parts of having your roof replaced can be dealing with your insurance company. At Wyndhill Roofing, we will negotiate on your behalf and work directly with your insurance adjuster. We've worked together with dozens of insurance companies, and can help you save you time, energy and headache.

We offer financing options

For many families, roofing or gutter repairs and replacements come at the worse time of the year, and even if your insurance will cover the bulk of your payment, deductibles can run anywhere from $1000-$5000 out of pocket. If you're in desperate need of repairs but are in desperate need of financial help, Wyndhill can help you get possible financing through our lending partners for payments as low as $180 per month.

Call us today to see if financing is a good option for you!

Ready to get started? Contact us today!

(719) 344-9724  |  info@wyndhillroofing.com

We never pressure our customers to use our services, and non of our employees are paid commissions.

In fact about 80% of our sales come from word of mouth and referrals, so there's no need to hire a pushy sales-force.

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Our team knows what it's like to need roofing or gutter repairs, and we want to help. 

It would be a pleasure getting to serve you!

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