Roofing Repair and Replacement Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Is your roof suffering from leaks, weather damage, or animal inflicted damage? Are you selling your home and need to make needed repairs before transferring ownership? 
Wyndhill Roofing has helped hundreds of customers install new, beautiful looking and durable roof systems since 2015. We are licensed with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department to pull city permits, and carry a 10-year warranty on our repairs.

We use trusted brand names such as GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, Mule Hide and Malarkey, and offer all types of roofing types including 30-50 year asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, TPO and standing seem metal roofing systems. 

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Your trusted Solar Panel Company providing the best instaltion services in Colorado Springs, CO

Every 82 seconds, a homeowners in the U.S. installs a brand new solar panel system on their roof. Wyndhill is licensed with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department to install all types of solar panels, and we offer product and workmanship warranties on all panels.

There are several types of solar panels sold in the U.S. but the three most common panel types are:

- monocrystalline solar panels
- polycrystalline solar panels
- thin-film (amorphous) solar panels

Installing solar panels is not only an environmentally sound decision, but has also saved households thousands of dollars annually.

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Gutter Repair and Replacement Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Is your gutter experiencing leaks or draining issues? Is your home's foundation in jeopardy due to incorrect water collecting?

Gutter issues occur for several reasons: water freezes into ice during cold months, causing splitting in the metal, and heavy rains and hail can also cause damage. 

Whether your home is in need of a full gutter system replacement or simply needs a few drains replaced, Wyndhill can help. We offer aluminum and steel gutters and downspouts, and also provide extra gutter services to include protective gutter guards and gutter heating cable installation to help prevent ice damage.

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Skylight Repair and Installation Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Whether you currently have skylight issues that need to be addressed, or you would like to install brand new ones, Wyndhill is one of the top skylight installment services in the region.

Some of the best selling skylight systems our customers have used included trusted brands like VELUX and Sunoptics, both popular for their durable coverings and flat vs. dome shaped skylights. all skylights come with manufacturers and workmanship warranties.

We also provide skylight repair services due to leakage, damaged casings, or open cracks.

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Metal Roofing Installment, Replacement and Repairs in Colorado Springs, CO

Commercial and residential Metal roofing systems are quickly becoming popular in Colorado Springs, CO, due to their durability and their beauty.

Installing a metal roof is a complex and technical process, and not many roofing contractors offer this service. However, Wyndhill Roofing has been installing magnificent metal roofs since 2015, and take great price in our residential roofing as well as our commercial TPO systems.

All metal roofs carry a Class 4, 50-year warranty, and most insurance companies offer premium deductions for installing a metal roof system for your home (the same applies to 50-year asphalt shingles).

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Exterior Siding Repairs, New Construction and Painting Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Exterior siding, a long with your roof, is your home's most important shield for protecting itself. That's why it's so crucial to find a reputable and trusted siding company like Wyndhill to help you with your siding installation and repairs. We are fully licensed through Pikes Peak Regional Building Department to provide exterior siding services, and offer workmanship warranties on our jobs.

We also offer siding minor repair services and painting services.

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